Neue Narrative für planetare Bildung: Neue WIRs

Uni Witten/Herdecke, Raum U. 031c & Zoom

Neue Narrative für planetare Bildung: Neue WIRs

Eine wichtige Leitfrage in der Vortragsreihe lautet: „Wie können wir Zeugnis über den Klimawandel ablegen und wie können wir neue Narrative für die planetarische Bildung schaffen?“

Dr. Kathrin Käufer (USA) – Presensing Institute/MIT

From Ego- to Eco-system Societies: Experiences with innovating Transformational Interventions

Dr. Katrin Kaeufer is director of the Just Money Program at the Community Innovators Lab within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-founder and executive director of the Presencing Institute. Katrin teaches on leadership and transformational change. Her research focus on leadership, organizational change, mission-based banking as well as on participatory action research.

As the co-founder of the u-school for transformation and the Presencing Institute, Dr. Kaufer has innovated tools and methods of societal transformation. In the face of accelerating social and environmental breakdowns, the u-school aims to build collective capacities for transformation as well as a platform for scaling up and sustaining transformation literacy across communities, organizations and society. Globally accessible, the u-school democratizes access to the tools and methods of societal transformation. It is a space for change makers to learn, support and act together on most pressing global challenges.

In this talk, Dr. Kaufer will share key learnings, cases and conceptual frameworks that resulted from this work.

Die Teilnahme an der Vortragsreihe ist in Präsenz an der Universität Witten/Herdecke (ohne Voranmeldung) und über ZOOM (mit Anmeldung) möglich.

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